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How does Pricing / Credits work?

How do Guestboard Credits work?

Whether you're organizing your first Guestboard event, or your 50th, every new event starts with 30 free Guestboard Credits. You'll notice this counter in the upper right of your event (if you are an organizer). Once these free credits have been used, you'll need to purchase additional Credits to allow for more guests to join your event.

Every new event starts with 30 free credits (upper right)

How are credits deducted?

Credits are ONLY deducted as guests join the event with an RSVP of either Yes or Maybe. Unused credits never expire and can be used for organizing any future event.

Example 1: You create a new event and invite 45 people. 25 of them RSVP with either a "Yes" or "Maybe". You have used 25/30 of your free credits - no additional credits, no payment, and full functionality 🎉
Example 2: You create a new event and invite 95 people. 70 of them RSVP with either a "Yes" or "Maybe". Your 30 free credits will be deducted for the first 30 guests to join, and then require an additional 40 credits (70 joined - 30 free credits = 40)
Example 3: You post an open invitation using a direct invitation link on your website, and you generally expect around 190 guests to attend. People begin to join your board. Your 30 free credits will be deducted for the first 30 guests to join, at which time we'll alert you when it's time to fund your account with additional credits. If you're confident 190 guests will be close to the headcount, you can purchase 160 credits right away. Otherwise, you can add any amount of credits you wish to cover the short term, and reassess later.

Why the credits system? Why not charge per event, or in blocks of guests?

If you're familiar with other event platforms, you'll know that some choose to charge in "blocks" of invites (e.g. $600 for 500 invites), or a monthly subscription fee (e.g. $30/mo for a "premium" account with all the features).

After talking to thousands of event planners, party people, conference organizers and others, we found irritable flaws in each of these alternative models. What if you only throw a couple events a year? What if you want to invite 500 people, but know that only around 300 will show?

The Guestboard credit system offers flexibility for the organizer first and foremost – and allows us to accommodate both small personal events and large conferences – while remaining price competitive.

What if someone changes their RSVP from "Attending" to "Not Attending"? Do you refund the credit?

Unfortunately, to prevent "gaming the system", once a credit is deducted, it cannot be refunded to your account based on attendee RSVP changes.

Similarly, once credits are purchased, these are also non-refundable – although they never expire and can be applied to any future Guestboard event over 30 people.

If you encounter an issue you believe is a unique scenario regarding Guestboard credit deduction, please contact us using the support chat or by sending us an email to

Updated on: 02/04/2020

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