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Trouble Logging In?

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Why is there no password?

As of October 2019, Guestboard now uses passwordless authentication for both registration and logging in. This is growing security trend and widely considered even more secure than traditional passwords. Here is a good explanation on the benefits and growing popularity of passwordless authentication.

If you created an account prior to 10/19, and wish to continue using a pre-existing password, you can click the text link that says Have an Existing Password? to reveal a password field and enter it there. Of course, you may also choose to send yourself a magic login link if you wish.

If you have already registered and are trying to log in on a new device or browser, you'll see the login screen asking for the email address that is registered with your account. After entering your email, simply click Send Me a Login Link.

This will quickly trigger a Magic Authentication Link email to be sent to that address, securely confirming your credentials.

Secure Magic Link Login Email

After clicking the secure link in the email, you will be instantly redirected successfully to your Guestboard, and will not need to re-authenticate in the near future on that device.

Occasionally, requests make take longer to deliver than anticipated. If you do not receive your login email right away, please do the following:

1. Check your Spam/Promotions folders

It happens to the best of us, sometimes. 😔

2. Try requesting again (one time!)

It's possible you entered an incorrect email address or a typo was present. Please try again, confirming that your email is entered correctly.

Important: Please refrain from making many repeated requests, as this can inadvertently cause your email to be flagged for abuse.

3. Wait for your email to arrive 🕓

We apologize for the inconvenience. After some time, your deferred login link email will arrive. If you receive an error saying that the link is expired, please request a new login link, which should send you another email right away.

Updated on: 12/18/2019

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