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What is Guestboard and How Do I Use It?

Welcome to Guestboard!

Guestboard is an intuitive and modular platform for managing group events! 🎉 Our mission is to make events easier for organizers to plan and communicate with their attendees, as well as creating an engaging space for guests to stay connected and informed.

Is Guestboard right for my event?

Guestboard is a flexible and scalable platform, and can be used to streamline a wide range of both personal and professional events. It's best-suited for events that require a little more than "just showing up".

What does that mean?

Well, for certain events like a simple birthday party, backyard BBQ, or happy hour, your guests probably only need the date/time/place. (And Guestboard's clear and legible invitation emails certainly show those).

But where Guestboard shines is for events that involve collaboration, communication, and other moving parts. If you're spending time sending email announcements, sharing ad-hoc links and documents, or manually answering the same repeated questions from attendees.. we can help. Multi-day event with lots of schedule items? Oh yea, that's all us.

That's why some of our most common event types are:

• Bachelor/bachelorette parties
• Small/medium conferences
• Festivals (film, music, etc.)
• Retreats (wellness, yoga, corporate, etc.)
• Summits
• Group Travel
• Weddings

Using Guestboard for Team Planning

Maybe you don't need to save time sending invitations or communicating with your guests. And instead, you're hoping to streamline the back-and-forth communication with your event production team.

Guestboard is perfect for behind-the-scenes planning as well. Share resources, separate your discussions into separate threads, or use the central Chat widget as you would with Slack.

Internal teams also find the Collaborative Checklist tool helpful for planning to-do lists and keeping track of responsibilities. Lastly, you can use the Schedule to plan out your entire production timeline, assigning custom tags to make it easy for planners, vendors, or others to filter down to what applies to them.

Updated on: 12/13/2019

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