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How to Change the Organizer

Changing the Displayed Organizer

Sometimes, you may want to create an event, but not be listed as the Organizer. Now you can update this to either A) another Admin within your event, or B) create a temporary Company profile, if it's a professional event.

It's important to note that you (the event creator), will always remain the event creator – meaning we will continue to deduct guest credits from your account. At this time, it is not currently possible to completely transfer ownership of an event to another account.

To modify the displayed Organizer, simply click "edit" next to the organizer name on the Details page.

You'll be taken to a popup. Here, you can select whether the desired organizer is another Guest, or a Company. Not seeing the guest you want to make Organizer? Make sure that guest has joined the event (or has been invited), and has been granted Admin status. You can do this by selecting the "•••" button next to their name in Guest List.

What does changing the Organizer actually do?

The new listed Organizer will be displayed at the top of the Invitation Email, Splash Registration page, as well as on the Details page.

Updated on: 06/14/2021

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