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How to Make an Announcement

Making an Announcement

To make an announcement to your group, select Make an Announcement in the upper right menu of your board (megaphone icon).

This will open a window where you can select a portion of your audience you'd like to make the announcement to. Those options are:

Guests who are Attending or Not Sure Yet
Guests who are Not Sure Yet - This is helpful for reminding those who haven't made a decision to change their RSVP to something more definitive 😉
Guests who Have Not Responded - Use this (sparingly) to contact attendees who you have not replied to your invitation yet.

Once you select your audience, you can write your message along with a subject line. Announcements are sent via a styled email that is easy to read and identifiable to your specific event.

Note: Your guests will not be able to respond directly to this announcement. If you'd like to open the lines of communications around an announcement, consider making a new Board post, which will also notify all guests who are either marked as Attending or Not Sure Yet.

Updated on: 12/17/2019

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