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How to Update Your Notification Settings

Adjusting Your Notification Settings

What actions trigger notifications?

There are a handful of event actions that will trigger an email notification by default. These actions are:

Someone creates a new main board post
Someone replies to a board post you created
Someone mentions you in either Chat or a Board reply
A new resource is added by the organizer
The organizer sends an announcement (see note below)

* Organizer Announcements are currently ONLY sent via email, and are often used for last-minute or vitally important event updates. Consider leaving this notification setting set to "on"

Changing How You Receive Notifications

To edit notification setting for a single event, or globally, simply navigate to "Notification Settings" in the upper right menu of your board:

Guestboard Notification Settings Dropdown Menu

Here, you'll find a menu of the different notification types and an option to toggle each of them on/off. If you have the Guestboard native app installed, you can also control your push notification settings here in the right column.

These setting changes are specific to the event you're viewing, offering flexibility between important and not-so-important events. However, if you'd like to apply your chosen settings to all current and future events, simply select the checkbox next to "_Apply these settings to ALL of my Guestboard events_"

Notification Settings for Email / Push Notifications

Updated on: 05/19/2020

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