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Creating Your First Event

Creating Your First Event

Let's do it! Whether you're a newly registered user or already a guest of an existing event, you can click Create An Event in the bottom of the left menu to start building your own.

Step 1: Choose your Event Type

Your first step will be to select your event type. Your event type will determine a few factors later on, such as the splash image gallery (next step), as well as which Deals display for your board. (Wedding events will have different partner deals compared to a Conference event, for example).

Choose Your Event Type

Step 2: Select Your Splash Background

This background image will be used as your main invitation image, as well as your splash overlay screen (you can see this by clicking your event title in the top of your Guestboard).

We've selected a handful of beautiful photos that match your chosen event type, but if none of these are speaking to you, you can always Upload Your Own image, or paste the URL of an external image found on the web.

Choose your Background Photo

Step 3: Enter Event Details

The final step is adding your important event details like the Title, Date, Time, etc. If your event spans over multiple days, you can choose to add an optional End Date, which will be included in the invitation. There is also a space to link to a website (e.g. your company website), as well as a brief introduction/description that will be included in the invitation as well.

Enter event details

That's it!

Your crisp new Guestboard event is now live!

Brand new event boards begin with Board and Guest List as default widgets. You may want to remove the boilerplate introduction thread on the Board and replace with your own, custom-written welcome message for your guests.

Your next steps are to Edit Your Event Widgets, and begin to Invite Your Group!

Boom, new event is ready!

Updated on: 12/13/2019

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