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Public vs. Private Events

Public vs. Private Events

When you're creating an event, you'll see the option to set your event as private or public. Let's learn a little more about what that means for your guest experience.

Private Events

A private event is what you may be accustomed to on Guestboard, (if you created an event prior to June 2021). These events are invite-only– meaning your attendees must either have received an invitation email, or given the special invite link (e.g.

When guests open their invite, they'll see your splash image, along with a short description and info of your event. They will have the option to RSVP with Yes/No/Maybe, and once they answer, they can continue on to the interior of your event page. Note: guests can easily update their RSVP at any time.

Private events are ideal for when:

• you need to strictly control who is able to join your event
• your attendees know you personally, or are expecting an invitation (e.g they pre-registered)

Private Event Guest Experience

Public Events

By opting for a public event, you no longer need to provide a special link or invitation for attendees to see your event page. Instead, you simply need to share your event url (e.g.! You can of course still send invitations via email, if you wish.

Attendees will be able to view the main Details tab, Schedule tab, and Shared Resources prior to joining. Other interactive widgets (like Board, Chat, etc), will be locked from view until they join.

Public events are best suited for when:

• potential attendees may be learning about this event for the first time
• you need your attendees to be able to see the specifics before they choose to join
• you want your event to be easily shared amongst your attendees' network

Public Event Guest Experience

Note: you may change your event from Public to Private (or vice versa) at any point in time by going to Event Preferences in the upper right, and selecting "Edit Event".

Updated on: 07/01/2021

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