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Creating a Schedule

Creating A Schedule

To create your schedule, you must first activate the 'Schedule' widget (See here to learn how to add/edit your event widgets). Once enabled, you will be able add as many schedule items as you'd like by clicking Add Schedule Item.

From here, you'll find all of the needed fields for a schedule event, like Title, Date, Time, and more. If you choose to add a location (helpful if your attendees need to move from place to place), you can also choose to display an embedded map by selecting Display Map.

You can also use the Location field for simple, identifiable locations that everyone would be familiar with, such as "John's House", "Hotel Ballroom", or "Conference Room A".

Adding a Schedule Item

Schedule Labels

In addition to the location, you can create and assign custom tags or Labels to your individual schedule items. This is particularly handy if you have many agenda items, as guests can easily Filter by Label in their Schedule view.

Creating and Adding a Label

To save your schedule item, click Add to Schedule, and you're done!

Updated on: 12/13/2019

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