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Using Adaptive Time Zones in the Schedule

What are Adaptive Time Zones?

Depending on whether your event is in-person, virtual, or a mix of the two, displaying the right time zone on your Schedule items is an important detail to ensure that everyone knows where to be (and when).

Our Adaptive time zone setting allows you to control whether or not your Schedule items always appear in the time zone you select (generally used for in-person events), or if they convert to the viewer's local time zone (virtual events).

Toggling Adaptive Time Zones

In your Schedule view on desktop browsers, you'll now find an additional dropdown item called "Schedule Settings"

Click this to open up the settings for the Schedule Widget. Here, you'll be able to A) change the tab title of Schedule to something that perhaps fits your needs more, and B) toggle Adaptive Time Zones ON or OFF.

Whether you have existing Schedule items or not, turning your Adaptive Time Zones on or off will immediately update your Schedule items on both the web and native apps. If you are in the same time zone as the event's location, don't be alarmed if you don't notice the times change! Everything is working as expected, and if your attendees view from a different location, they will see the correct information.

When you're creating your event, if you selected the "Virtual Event" checkbox, we will automatically enable Adaptive Time Zones in your Schedule by default. For non-virtual events, we will set this function to OFF.

Updated on: 05/19/2021

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